Rep. Randy Weber Discloses Removal from Freedom Caucus Amid Leadership Dispute

Rep. Randy Weber Discloses Removal from Freedom Caucus Amid Leadership Dispute
Rep. Randy Weber Discloses Removal from Freedom Caucus Amid Leadership Dispute (Credits: Politico)

Representative Randy Weber made a striking revelation on Monday, suggesting that Bob Good, the Chair of the Freedom Caucus, has effectively ousted him from the conservative faction due to Weber’s subpar attendance at group meetings.

The Freedom Caucus, consisting of approximately thirty-six members, convenes weekly meetings which are considered obligatory for its members. In a recent interview, Weber disclosed that the House Freedom Caucus leadership had initially intended for Good, representing Virginia, to address members who had been irregular in their meeting attendance.

However, according to Weber, Good took a more drastic approach in his case, indicating that Weber would need to reapply through the caucus board to retain his membership—a decision that caught Weber off guard.

A spokesperson for the Freedom Caucus, known for its discretion regarding membership matters, declined to comment on internal processes or membership issues.

Randy Weber
Randy Weber (Credits: ABC News)

Weber acknowledged his recent absence from meetings, attributing it to his growing disenchantment with the group’s procedural strategies in recent months. He also voiced reservations about Good’s leadership, particularly highlighting Good’s initial reluctance to endorse Donald Trump in the presidential race.

Expressing his dismay, Weber stated, “This just isn’t the Freedom Caucus I joined a decade ago. By all measures, I am one of the most conservative members of Congress.” Weber criticized Good’s anti-Trump stance, emphasizing the importance of unity with Trump to fortify the conservative movement.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Good has been discussing the attendance records of other members in internal conversations. These sources, speaking anonymously, revealed this development.

While removals from the caucus are rare, the last public expulsion was that of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene last summer, primarily due to her frequent public criticisms of fellow Freedom Caucus members.

Good assumed the top position in the Freedom Caucus after running uncontested for the chairmanship in December. However, concerns about his leadership abilities surfaced before the vote, partly due to his initial support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the presidential race.

Representative Warren Davidson stepped down from the House Freedom Caucus board late last year, citing the need to “move policy in the right direction,” rather than Good’s stance on Trump.

Good defended his endorsement of DeSantis by asserting his support for a conservative president who could serve for eight years, though he later threw his support behind Trump after DeSantis withdrew. However, this move appeared insufficient to some allies of Trump, as evidenced by Chris LaCivita, former president’s campaign manager, signaling intentions to target Good electorally in Virginia.

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