Trump Supporters Target Wisconsin’s Top GOP Official: ‘You Could Be Next’

Credits: The Wall Street Journal

Supporters of former President Donald Trump are trying to force a recall election of Wisconsin’s top elected Republican, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, because he refused to impeach the state’s head elections official, Meagan Wolfe.

Vos’s decision not to decertify President Joe Biden’s election win and his refusal to support impeaching Wolfe have angered Trump and his supporters.

Trump supporters (Credits: Journal Times)

Petition organizer Matthew Snorek has submitted nearly 11,000 signatures, well above the 6,850 threshold required to force a recall election. Snorek wants Vos recalled because he believes Vos has not done enough to improve election security and did not move to impeach Wolfe.

Vos, however, has put together a team to review each signature to determine their validity. He criticized the recall effort, saying, “It’s truly sad that a group of people who didn’t get their way in the 2020 election are wasting resources and effort working with Democrats to settle a political score rather than better using their time to defeat our ineffective Democrat President.”

Trump supporters (Credits: Wisconsin State Journal)

Wolfe has been the target of Republican anger and conspiracy theories after Trump lost Wisconsin in the 2020 election. If the recall effort against Vos is successful, the vote would likely take place between late April and late May.

Vos has 10 days to challenge the signatures for reasons such as duplicate or forged signatures or if the person circulating the petition misled signers.

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