White House Clarifies: Biden ‘Absolutely Did Not Apologize’ for Using Term ‘Illegal’

Credits: Hindustan Times

A White House spokesperson clarified on Monday that President Biden did not apologize for using the term “illegal” to describe an undocumented migrant during his State of the Union speech, despite expressing regret over his choice of words.

The individual in question, accused of killing university student Laken Riley in Georgia, is a migrant from Venezuela who was not authorized to be in the U.S., according to immigration officials. This incident has sparked controversy and become a political flashpoint for conservatives.

(Credits: Global Government Forum)

White House spokesperson Olivia Dalton emphasized that Biden did not apologize but expressed regret for his language. Dalton’s remarks highlight the distinction between an apology and a show of regret.

Some Democrats had criticized Biden’s use of the term as derogatory, while a Biden campaign spokesperson described it as a “small mistake.”

Biden (Credits: The Hill)

Republicans seized on Biden’s regret, characterizing it as an apology and accusing him of weakness on border security policy. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) criticized Biden’s response, arguing that he should be apologizing to Laken Riley’s family instead of showing deference to his base.

Riley’s tragic death has become a focal point in the debate over border security, with Republicans attributing the crime to Biden’s policies. Meanwhile, the White House continues to advocate for a bipartisan border security deal, urging the GOP to take action.

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