Third-Party Leader: Gaza Ceasefire Benefits Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Credits: Bloomberg)

Maurice Mitchell, a leader of the Working Family Party, criticized Democratic leaders for not pressuring Israel to cease its actions in Gaza, arguing that they are missing an opportunity to align with their base and address human rights concerns.

Mitchell suggested that President Biden could benefit politically by responding to these demands from the base, framing it as a chance for Biden to show leadership on pro-democracy issues.

Joe Biden (Credits: Harvard Gazette)

Mitchell highlighted the recent protests in Michigan, where over 100,000 Democratic primary voters marked their ballots as “uncommitted” in protest against U.S. support for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

He emphasized the simplicity of the moral issue, stating that the choice between “a baby and a bully” should always favor the innocent.

Despite his criticisms of Biden, Mitchell framed the upcoming 2024 election as a strategic decision about finding the right adversaries rather than a personal or emotional choice.

Joe Biden (Credits: ABC13)

He emphasized the need for political action to be strategic and focused on building independent power rather than personal relationships.

Mitchell’s comments reflect a broader sentiment within progressive circles that the Democratic Party should take a stronger stance on issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and align more closely with progressive values.

He argued that politics is ultimately about negotiation and urged people to consider who they want to negotiate with when making political decisions.