Georgia 2024 Poll: Trump Leads Biden 46% to 42%

Credits: Journal of Democracy

The latest Emerson College Polling/The Hill Georgia poll reveals an intriguing landscape for the potential 2024 presidential matchup, with former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden locked in a close race. Among likely voters, Trump holds a slight edge with 46% support compared to Biden’s 42%.

However, when undecided voters are pressed to lean toward a candidate, Trump’s lead expands to 52% versus Biden’s 48%. Interestingly, the motivations behind voter support vary.

Voters’ Participation (Credits: Ford Foundation)

While Biden supporters are primarily driven by their dislike for Trump, Trump voters are more likely to be swayed by their concerns about specific issues, particularly the economy and immigration.

Adding independent candidates to the mix slightly alters the dynamics, with Trump maintaining his lead but facing competition from other contenders, including Robert Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.

The economy emerges as the top concern for Georgia voters, followed by immigration, healthcare, crime, and other pressing issues. Regarding specific policy areas like immigration and border security, Trump holds a clear advantage in the eyes of voters. However, Biden is favored on the issue of abortion access.

Georgia’s Voters (Credits: Britannica)

Assessments of Biden’s performance in office and the direction of the state of Georgia are mixed. While Biden’s approval rating stands at 37%, Governor Brian Kemp fares slightly better with a 48% approval rating.

Perceptions of Georgia’s trajectory are divided, with a significant portion of voters expressing uncertainty or dissatisfaction. As the 2024 election cycle unfolds, these findings provide valuable insights into the preferences and concerns of Georgia voters, shaping the narrative for the upcoming race.

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