Opinion: Putin’s Next Term Is Illegitimate. The World Should Condemn it

Credits: Al Jazeera

Living with a constant barrage of propaganda and false promises from authoritarian regimes can be mentally exhausting. The relentless presence of the radio in your cell, broadcasting messages about a sham election, serves as a stark reminder of the facade of democracy in such regimes.

Dictators often use these elections not to give voice to the people but to legitimize their rule in the eyes of the world. The mere act of holding an election, even if rigged, can provide a semblance of democratic process, which can be enough to satisfy some international observers or maintain a facade of legitimacy.

Putin (Credits: Radio Free Europe)

The case of Belarus, where Lukashenko’s attempt to manipulate the election backfired, shows the risk inherent in such strategies. Allowing a token opposition candidate on the ballot only to rig the election later can lead to widespread protests and international condemnation, undermining the dictator’s authority and stability.

Putin, on the other hand, has taken a different approach, eliminating his strongest opponents through various means, including assassination.

Vladimir Putin (Credits: The Guardian)

This ruthless tactic not only removes any real threat to his power but also serves as a warning to others who might consider challenging his rule.

Living under such oppressive conditions, where even the semblance of democracy is a charade, can be disheartening. But history has shown that people’s desire for freedom and justice can transcend even the most repressive regimes.

The struggle for democracy and human rights is ongoing, and every voice that speaks out against tyranny contributes to that struggle.

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