Ken Buck Accelerates Departure from Congress, Criticizing GOP Dysfunction

GOP Rep. Ken Buck Says the Republican Party Has Become a Joke and He’s Getting the F–k Out

Republican lawmaker Ken Buck made headlines last November when he declared his decision not to seek reelection, signaling his departure from Congress by the year’s end. However, recent revelations suggest that his decision to leave Washington has been hastened by what he perceives as intolerable behavior among his GOP colleagues.

In a surprising turn of events, Buck announced on Tuesday that he would vacate his congressional seat by the end of the following week, opting to cut short his remaining time in office. While his official statement maintained a diplomatic tone, Buck didn’t mince words in interviews with reporters, revealing his true sentiments about the dysfunction plaguing Capitol Hill.

In a candid conversation with CNN’s Dana Bash, Buck expressed his frustration, describing the current state of affairs in Congress as the worst he’s experienced during his tenure, spanning over nine years.

He emphasized how the atmosphere has deteriorated into endless bickering and distractions, neglecting the fundamental duties owed to the American people. Buck didn’t shy away from singling out his fellow Republicans, criticizing their handling of issues like impeachment, which he believes has been reduced to a mere spectacle on social media platforms rather than upholding its constitutional significance.

Ken Buck
Ken Buck (Credits: NBC News)

Buck has been a vocal critic of his own party’s pursuits, particularly their attempts to impeach President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whom they narrowly impeached just the previous month. He has consistently argued against what he perceives as baseless actions by his colleagues, condemning their propagation of falsehoods surrounding the 2020 election and the events of January 6th.

His decision to depart from Congress will leave the GOP with a precarious majority in the House. Despite his scathing remarks on his way out, Buck did inform GOP House leader Mike Johnson of his plans, albeit with minimal advance notice.

Meanwhile, speculation arises from an unexpected source: a potential independent presidential ticket. According to reports, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been in talks with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura about joining his bid for the presidency.

Both Rodgers and Ventura have reportedly welcomed the proposition, though formal offers are yet to be confirmed. Kennedy has been engaging in discussions with Rodgers, presumably revolving around shared views on certain issues, including vaccines. While other figures like Tulsi Gabbard, Senator Rand Paul, and Andrew Yang have been approached, Rodgers and Ventura are currently the most receptive to the idea.

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