Trump Promises to Release January 6 Prisoners, Who Attacked Capitol on His Side, Early in Presidency

Trump Says He’ll “Free the January 6 Hostages,” Who Waged a Deadly Insurrection on His Behalf, in One of His First Acts as President

In the event that Donald Trump secures a second term, what are his primary objectives for his initial days back in office? Well, apart from the unsettling prospect of dictatorial tendencies and the likely reinstallation of his Diet Coke button, he is adamant about securing the release of individuals who participated in the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, purportedly in his support.

In a recent post on Truth Social, the former president outlined his intentions: “My first acts as your next President will be to Close the Border, DRILL, BABY, DRILL, and Free the January 6 Hostages being wrongfully imprisoned!”

This isn’t the first instance where Trump has hinted at his plans to advocate for those who endeavored to aid his quest for a second term three years ago. Back in 2022, he mentioned the possibility of extending “full pardons with an apology to many” while expressing his solidarity with individuals involved, stating, “I met with and I’m financially supporting people that are incredible…. It’s very much on my mind. It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them.”

Trump (Credits: ABC News)

He further disparaged the judges and prosecutors handling the January 6 cases, labeling them as “sick” and “cold,” and accusing them of callous disregard for families and basic humanity. Notably, he has yet to extend sympathy towards the families affected by injuries or fatalities resulting from the Capitol attack.

Trump’s choice of the term “hostages” to describe those convicted for offenses linked to the Capitol assault drew sharp criticism from Judge Royce Lamberth, appointed by Reagan, earlier this year.

Addressing comments made by Trump and other Republicans, Lamberth remarked, “The Court is accustomed to defendants who refuse to accept that they did anything wrong. But in my thirty-seven years on the bench, I cannot recall a time when such meritless justifications of criminal activity have gone mainstream. I have been dismayed to see distortions and outright falsehoods seep into the public consciousness.”

He further rebuked the notion that the rioters behaved benignly or that convicted defendants should be glorified as “political prisoners” or even characterized as “hostages,” dismissing such claims as “preposterous.”

According to data from the Department of Justice, close to 1,300 individuals have been arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in the riot, with the Associated Press reporting approximately 750 sentences handed down, a majority of whom received prison terms.

Turning attention to accountability and the aftermath of January 6, it appears highly probable that Trump, if reelected, will endeavor to evade legal repercussions for his attempts to subvert the outcome of the 2020 election.

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