Milwaukee Set to Receive Nearly $800,000 Election Grant from Nonprofit Linked to Prominent Left-Wing Dark Money Organization

Milwaukee Set to Receive Nearly $800,000 Election Grant (Credits: Spectrum News)

The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is poised to accept a substantial election grant totaling nearly $800,000 from a newly established nonprofit organization associated with a prominent left-wing dark money group.

Urban Milwaukee first revealed on Monday that Milwaukee, a Democratic stronghold within a county where Joe Biden secured a nearly 40-point victory in the 2020 election, has been offered a grant of $796,500 from Cities Forward.

Although relatively unknown, this organization presents itself as a nonpartisan initiative aimed at prioritizing participation in the democratic process in cities nationwide.

Milwaukee Set to Receive Nearly $800,000 Election Grant (Credits: The Federalist)

The proposed utilization of these funds by Milwaukee includes acquiring new tabulators to process ballots, implementing a text messaging service for communication with registered voters to counter misinformation and address queries, procuring voting machines capable of digitally generating and printing paper ballots for all voters, supplying over 200 Android smartphones for polling place chief inspectors to report equipment issues and request supplies efficiently, and acquiring essential equipment such as signs, an electric pallet jacket, and a table trolley.

Cities Forward is expected to extend a separate grant to the Milwaukee Public Library, the value of which remains undisclosed. This grant explores methods for promoting civic engagement, including initiatives to connect individuals with city services and aid them in navigating various programs.

Claire Woodall, the executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, outlined plans to integrate voter registration efforts into routine activities such as obtaining library cards and utilizing services offered by the Milwaukee Health Department.

Specifically, the funds allocated to the library are intended to support the development of a communications campaign, establishing a street outreach team, and creating a new website to facilitate voter registration and engagement efforts.

The Milwaukee Common Council’s Judiciary & Legislation Committee will review the election grant on Thursday. At the same time, the Finance & Personnel Committee will deliberate on the library grant on Friday.

These considerations mark significant steps in the city’s efforts to enhance civic participation and ensure the integrity of its electoral processes.