Teamsters VP Criticizes “Snake” Donald Trump, Asserts Former President “Is What He Is”

Credits: International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“The old story about a snake — nursing it to health and then it bites you?” Teamsters union International Vice President at Large John Palmer shared with CNN, “You knew it was a snake when you handled it… Donald Trump is what he is.” Palmer emphasized Trump’s long-standing anti-union stance, spanning decades.

Teamsters President Sean M. O’Brien acknowledges that a portion of the union’s membership supports Trump, prompting a need to demonstrate responsiveness to both sides.

Teamsters (Credits: International Brotherhood of Teamsters)

O’Brien aims to convey that the Teamsters prioritize hearing all members’ voices and ensuring elected officials value the power of their votes. Expressing skepticism about withholding an endorsement thus far, Palmer remarked, “I think we’re wasting our time.”

Traditionally, Democrats have been viewed as the pro-union party in the United States, while Republicans have embraced “right to work” legislation, which allows workers to opt out of joining a union or paying union fees as a condition of employment. Currently, right-to-work laws are in effect in at least 28 states.

Trump (Credits: Reuters)

President Biden has secured endorsements from prominent unions such as the AFL-CIO and the United Auto Workers, the latter of which he supported during a strike last summer.

During the same period, Trump held a non-union event to address the UAW, criticizing the strike’s timing amidst emerging challenges in the electric vehicle sector.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters finds itself courted by both Trump and President Biden for their endorsements, with the union adopting a cautious approach that some, including Palmer, believe may be overly cautious.

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