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Psychologists and Mental Health Experts Sound Alarm on Trump’s Behavior: A Call for Public Safety

“Experts are desperate to warn the public”: Hundreds sign Dr. John Gartner’s Trump dementia petition

Since at least 2016, a group of psychologists and other mental health professionals have been vocal about their concerns regarding Donald Trump’s behavior and its potential impact on public safety. They have pointed to numerous instances of what they perceive as signs of unwellness and pathological behavior exhibited by the former president.

Based on their analysis of public evidence and Trump’s actions, these experts have concluded that he displays traits consistent with sociopathy or even full-blown psychopathy.

These mental health professionals have taken on significant risks by speaking out, facing potential backlash to their careers, reputations, and personal safety. Their motivation stems from what they perceive as a duty to warn the public about the potential dangers posed by a powerful figure like Trump.

They argue that if those in positions of authority had heeded their warnings and taken appropriate action, the country might not be facing the looming possibility of Trump’s return to power, as he has suggested.


Trump (Credits: NBC News)

Recent events have only reinforced their concerns, as Trump’s behavior continues to exhibit what they view as alarming signs of cognitive decline. Prominent psychologist Dr. John Gartner, a contributor to the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” has been particularly vocal about Trump’s apparent cognitive challenges, suggesting that he may be suffering from dementia or a related condition.

Dr. Gartner’s concerns are shared by many of his colleagues, some of whom have called for Trump to withdraw from the 2024 Election and seek medical assistance. In an effort to raise awareness, Dr. Gartner launched a petition on, inviting licensed professionals to join in diagnosing Trump with probable dementia based on their observations.

The petition has garnered hundreds of signatures from verified mental health and medical professionals, including experts from some of the country’s top institutions. These professionals have expressed their concerns about Trump’s cognitive decline, citing specific examples of his behavior as evidence.

Despite the growing consensus among medical professionals, the mainstream news media has largely avoided addressing Trump’s apparent cognitive issues directly. Dr. Gartner and others criticize this reluctance, arguing that it is crucial to acknowledge and discuss these concerns openly.


Trump (Credits: The New York Times)

One obstacle to addressing Trump’s cognitive decline is the so-called Goldwater Rule, which discourages mental health professionals from diagnosing public figures without personally evaluating them. However, Dr. Gartner and his colleagues believe that the evidence of Trump’s decline is too overwhelming to ignore, and they feel a responsibility to speak out.

In addition to the ethical implications, there are significant practical concerns about Trump’s potential return to power. His apparent cognitive deterioration raises questions about his ability to effectively lead and make sound decisions, particularly in matters involving classified information and foreign policy.

Dr. Gartner and his colleagues view Trump’s cognitive decline as a national emergency, warning that his return to the presidency could have disastrous consequences. They emphasize the importance of raising awareness about these issues and urge political leaders, including President Biden, to address them directly. Despite the challenges they face, they remain committed to sounding the alarm and advocating for public safety.

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