Former Israeli Presidential Adviser Claims US is ‘Enabling the Damage and Then Attempting to Conceal it’


Daniel Levy, a former Israeli presidential adviser, criticized the US plan to build a seaport in Gaza for aid transportation, calling it a “pathetic addition” to the existing policy of the administration.

In an interview with Shelagh Fogarty on LBC, Levy highlighted what he saw as the absurdity of the US supplying Israel with weapons that contribute to death and destruction in Gaza while simultaneously seeking to build a seaport for aid that could enter through land crossings blocked by Israel with US support.

Former Israeli Presidential Adviser (Credits: Middle East Monitor)

Levy expressed concern over reports in US media suggesting that the Biden administration was intentionally avoiding transparency and accountability in its provision of weapons to Israel. He alleged that the administration was dividing weaponry into different channels to bypass Congressional oversight.

Former Israeli Presidential Adviser (Credits: Middle East Monitor)

The criticism reflects broader discontent with US policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly regarding the ongoing blockade of Gaza and the US’s role in supplying arms to Israel.

Many observers have called for a reassessment of US support for Israel, urging a more balanced approach that prioritizes human rights and international law.

Levy’s remarks underscore the complexities of US-Israeli relations and the challenges of addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

As debates over US foreign policy continue, voices like Levy’s are important in highlighting the need for accountability and transparency in addressing conflict dynamics in the Middle East.

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