School Choice Advocate Jeff Yass Potentially Influenced Trump’s Reversal on TikTok

TikTok Ban (Credits: Vox)

Donald Trump made headlines last week with a surprising shift in stance, as he publicly opposed a proposal advocating for the sale of TikTok, a move that diverges from his previously hostile attitude towards the popular social media platform and its parent company, ByteDance, headquartered in Beijing.

Speculation abounds regarding the sudden change, with many attributing it to the influence of Jeff Yass, a prominent advocate for school choice in the United States.

Yass, the billionaire founder of Susquehanna International Group, has been actively involved in promoting private school vouchers in recent years.

Trump (Credits: CNN)

Alongside his wife Janine, he established the Yass Foundation for Education, which supports educational initiatives nationwide and contributes to political action committees advocating for school choice, particularly in Pennsylvania, where he resides.

The pivotal moment in this narrative occurred on March 1, when Yass, a significant donor to conservative causes, met with President Trump during a retreat organized by the Club for Growth, a prominent conservative advocacy group.

It’s reported that Yass played a key role in facilitating this gathering, aiming to mend the relationship between Trump and the Club’s leadership following discord during the 2022 midterm elections.

TikTok (Credits: Rolling Stone)

In a remarkable turn of events, just one week after this meeting, Trump took to Truth Social, his own social media platform, to voice support for TikTok.

In his post, Trump expressed concern over the potential dominance of Facebook, suggesting that eliminating TikTok could lead to Facebook’s business doubling. Moreover, he made unsubstantiated claims about Facebook’s alleged misconduct in the previous election.

The sudden endorsement of TikTok by Trump, a figure known for his unpredictable behavior and often contentious social media presence, raises questions about the influence of Yass and the intersection of political interests with corporate agendas.

As the saga continues to unfold, observers are left to ponder the complex dynamics at play in the realm of politics and business, and the role of influential figures like Yass in shaping policy decisions.

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