Under Fire, MAGA Governor Claims New Teeth “Feel Better in My Mouth”

Credits: The Daily Beast

South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem recently appeared in a five-minute video praising Smile Texas, a dental office in Houston. There, she underwent dental work to address issues resulting from a biking accident that affected her front teeth.

In the video, Governor Noem expressed her satisfaction with the dental services, describing her experience as “amazing” and “phenomenal.”

Kristi Noem (Credits: Fox News)

Governor Noem explained that her decision to undergo dental treatment was motivated by a desire to have a confident smile and ensure that her appearance did not detract from the messages she communicated.

She emphasized the importance of focusing on the substance of her words rather than being distracted by her appearance. Following the video’s release, there has been criticism regarding the appropriateness of a governor endorsing professional services in office.

Some have questioned the legality of such endorsements, leading to a lawsuit filed against Governor Noem by the consumer advocacy group Travelers United. The lawsuit alleges Governor Noem violated Consumer Protection Procedure Act laws governing online video promotions.

Donald Trump and Kristi Noem (Credits: Politico)

Additionally, there has been curiosity about why Governor Noem opted to seek dental services outside of South Dakota. This decision has raised eyebrows and prompted speculation about the state’s availability or quality of dental professionals.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Governor Noem’s endorsement of Smile Texas has sparked debate and raised questions about the boundaries of official endorsements by public officials and the implications of such actions.

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