Trump Indicates He Has Already Excluded Some of His Vice Presidential Contenders

Trump (Credits: VOI)

Donald Trump has revealed that he has already dismissed certain potential vice presidential contenders due to their perceived misconduct while also boasting about his wide array of options, including the possibility of selecting a Democrat for his ticket.

While numerous names have been floated as potential running mates for Trump, he has mentioned several individuals he is considering, though his favorites seem to fluctuate.

However, Trump disclosed to Newsmax host Greg Kelly that he has ruled out some individuals, although he did not disclose their identities.

Trump (Credits: The Irish Times)

“Some people behaved improperly. Yeah, I think I’ve ruled some people out, but I’ve ruled a lot of people in. We have a lot of great people in the Republican Party, and they’ll do a terrific job, I think, but certainly I have people that I wouldn’t want as vice president,” Trump stated.

Highlighting the abundance of options available, Trump emphasized that numerous individuals, including Democrats, have expressed interest in the role.

He remarked, “There’s not a person in politics that doesn’t want it, including Democrats. If I wanted, I’d have a Democrat, I’d have a liberal, I’d have anybody I want.”

Trump (Credits: Virginia Review of Politics)

Several factors reportedly guide Trump’s decision-making process for his vice presidential pick. Loyalty ranks high on his list of priorities, a quality he highly values.

Additionally, he is reportedly concerned about the abortion issue, viewing it as a significant advantage for Democrats and a potential vulnerability for Republicans.

Trump described his decision-making process as formal yet intuitive, indicating that he evaluates the same individuals as others.

He underscored his intention to select someone conservative, supportive of law and order, advocates for low taxes and interest rates, and prioritizes border security.

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