Lauren Boebert Excludes Herself from Special Election for Ken Buck’s Seat, Citing Concerns About Voter Confusion

Credits: The Daily Beast

Lauren Boebert has decided against running for fellow Colorado Republican Representative Ken Buck’s seat in a special election slated after his impending departure from the lower chamber next week.

Although Boebert represents Colorado’s third district, she’s already set her sights on Buck’s seat in the November elections. However, she has explicitly stated that she won’t vie for the remainder of Buck’s term in the fourth district due to concerns over the House Republicans’ already “very slim” majority.

Lauren Boebert (Credits: NBC News)

Buck’s announcement of leaving his seat on March 22 triggered a special election scheduled for June 25, coinciding with the primary to nominate the candidate for the November seat.

Boebert, who initiated her campaign for Buck’s seat after his decision not to seek re-election late last year, opted out of seeking re-election in her own district, where she narrowly secured victory previously and faced potential competition from Democrat Adam Frisch.

Boebert has raised objections to the special election, accusing it of being orchestrated to manipulate an election she claims she was winning. She criticized the move as a “swampy backroom deal” by the establishment, aiming to undermine her lead.

Expressing concerns over voter confusion and the lack of representation for the 4th District during the interim period, she affirmed her commitment to continue serving her constituents’ interests while vying for the 4th District’s seat.

Lauren Boebert Affair
Lauren Boebert (Credits: NowThis News)

Emphasizing her alignment with the “America First” agenda endorsed by former President Trump, Boebert asserted her confidence in securing victory in both the primary and general elections.

Her decision not to contest the special election comes amid efforts to safeguard the House Republican majority, which currently stands at 218-213 with four vacancies to be filled through special elections before the general election on November 5.

Despite the vacancies, the likelihood of any seats changing hands remains low, with Republicans holding three and Democrats one following Buck’s departure.

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