Texas Facilitates Migration of Over 105,000 of Biden’s ‘Newcomers’ to Sanctuary Cities

Credits: The National Desk

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced on Tuesday that over 105,000 migrants have been transported to sanctuary cities as part of Operation Lone Star.

This initiative aims to address the influx of illegal immigration resulting from what Abbott characterizes as the Biden Administration’s open-border policies.

Migrants (Credits: Border Report)

The migrants, referred to as “newcomers” by President Biden, were transported under Operation Lone Star, which seeks to secure Texas’ border. Since its inception in 2021, the operation has sent migrants to designated sanctuary cities.

In a social media post, Governor Abbott provided statistics on the number of migrants transported to six prominent sanctuary cities:

Over 12,500 to Washington, D.C.

Over 39,300 to New York City

Over 32,300 to Chicago

Over 3,400 to Philadelphia

Over 16,700 to Denver

Over 1,500 to Los Angeles

Migrants (Credits: KVIA)

Additionally, Governor Abbott highlighted the impact of Operation Lone Star, noting significant numbers related to illegal immigrant apprehensions, criminal arrests, felony charges, and the seizure of lethal doses of fentanyl. He emphasized the operation’s role in addressing gaps created by the Biden administration’s border policies.

President Biden’s use of the term “newcomers” to refer to illegal aliens has garnered attention. This deviation from the term “undocumented migrants” was noted in White House fact sheets calling for funding to support cities and states providing services to individuals who entered the country illegally.

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