Former British Girlfriend of US Soccer Star Suffers Significant Ear Injury

Credits: New York Post

The British ex-girlfriend of a US soccer star, Ellie Bentley, endured a horrific ordeal in St. Louis, Missouri, after being dragged by a car. The incident occurred in the crime-ridden neighborhood of Grove, where Bentley, 22, ducked under a vehicle upon hearing gunshots.

Believing she was safe when the gunfire ceased, Bentley stood up only to be mowed down by the driver of the car she had taken cover under. The driver, identified as 25-year-old Dionte Taylor, proceeded to drag Bentley for three blocks, inflicting life-threatening injuries.

Former British Girlfriend of US Soccer Star (Credits: The Mirror)

Barnes Hospital doctors in St. Louis described Bentley’s injuries as severe, with the pelvic fracture being the worst they had ever seen. Additionally, Bentley lost most of her right ear in the incident and suffered multiple fractures in her left leg, rendering her immobile.

Former British Girlfriend of US Soccer Star (Credits: The Mirror US)

According to her lawyer, Ben Tobin, Bentley’s recovery will be lengthy. She had no connection to the individuals involved in the shooting and was simply an unfortunate bystander. Despite her harrowing experience, Bentley fought to survive, fearing for her life throughout the ordeal.

Video footage of the incident suggests that the driver was aware of Bentley’s presence when he fled the scene, leaving her in excruciating pain. The incident has left Bentley with life-altering injuries and a challenging road to recovery ahead.

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