Scottish Tories to Seek Clarification Regarding Reports of Additional Hester Donation

Tories On Hester Donation (Credits: The Herald)

The deputy leader of the Scottish Tories has expressed her intention to seek clarification regarding reports of another donation to the UK party from Frank Hester.

This follows a week of controversy surrounding Hester after alleged derogatory remarks surfaced, including comments directed at MP Diane Abbott.

These comments sparked widespread condemnation, with the Prime Minister labeling them as “racist” and opposition parties calling for the return of donations.

Hester Donation (Credits: The Western Telegraph)

Recent reports suggest that Hester, who had previously donated £10 million personally and through his firm The Phoenix Partnership (TPP), may have made an additional undisclosed contribution of up to £5 million to the party, which the Electoral Commission has not yet disclosed.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, Scottish Tory deputy leader Meghan Gallacher stated that she couldn’t provide comment on the unverified donation but pledged to seek clarification from the UK Conservative Party regarding these reports.

Scottish Tories On Hester Donation (Credits: Norwich Evening News)

Gallacher emphasized the need for further discussion, acknowledging that the news had only recently come to her attention and indicating her intent to address it.

Regarding the potential donation, Gallacher emphasized the need for confirmation, refraining from making definitive statements on unverified contributions.

When contacted for comment, the UK party neither confirmed nor denied the reported donation, stating that declarable contributions would be disclosed by the Electoral Commission in due course, with the next update scheduled for June.

In response, the Scottish Tories have called for a review of Hester’s donations. Gallacher wanted to ascertain the party’s awareness of the donations and determine a path forward.

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