UK University Student Survey Shows Optimism for AI in Education

Credits: The Hill

A recent survey conducted by, a University of Surrey spin-out specializing in AI-powered marking solutions, has shed light on student perceptions of feedback and their receptiveness to AI integration in educational systems.

This snapshot survey encompassed responses from 100 students across various higher education institutions, faculties, and academic levels within the UK.

College Students (Credits: The Wall Street Journal)

Key Findings:

Impact of Teacher Strikes: The survey revealed that a notable proportion of respondents (51%) were affected by teacher strikes in 2023. Interestingly, 83% of students believed that AI-assisted marking could have mitigated the disruptions caused by these strikes.

Satisfaction with Feedback: There appears to be a level of dissatisfaction with current feedback practices, as only 24% of students expressed satisfaction with the speed of feedback, and a mere 19% found it to be sufficiently detailed and meaningful.

Interest in AI-Powered Solutions: The survey suggests a strong student interest in AI-powered solutions, with a majority of respondents valuing the potential of AI to offer faster and more comprehensive feedback. Additionally, two-thirds of students expressed interest in receiving detailed AI-assisted explanations within their feedback.

Concerns about Fairness: Fairness in marking emerged as a concern among students, with 81% expressing varying degrees of apprehension.

However, when assured that the AI is tailored and trained for their specific assignments, 92% of students indicated increased confidence in its fairness.

College Students (Credits: Cashtelligent)

Openness to AI for Formative Feedback: Interestingly, the survey indicates student openness to leveraging AI for formative feedback, with 93% of respondents valuing the idea of receiving AI-powered formative feedback before submitting their work officially.

Belief in AI’s Future Role in Education: Overall, the survey results suggest a general belief among students in the potential of AI to shape the future of education.

A significant majority (84%) expressed confidence that AI could accurately grade assignments in the future, and nearly all respondents (99%) recognized the broader potential for AI applications within education.

These findings highlight both the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating AI into educational systems, underscoring the importance of addressing student concerns while harnessing the potential benefits of AI-powered solutions for enhanced learning experiences.

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