Harmeet K. Dhillon Discusses the Impact of the ‘Lawless Horror Show’ at the Border on Our Lives

Harmeet K. Dhillon Tells How the ‘Lawless Horror Show’ at the Border Has Affected Us

On Wednesday night, a tweet sparked a conversation when a woman claimed that “illegal immigration” has no impact on anyone’s life whatsoever.

Tweeting under the handle @TanaGaneva, she boldly stated, “There is literally not one single way ‘illegal immigration’ impacts anyone’s life in any way, unless you feel strongly about bland food.”

Initially perceived as trolling, her assertion turned out to be serious, prompting a flurry of responses, particularly from individuals who have personally experienced the repercussions of illegal immigration.

One such story was shared by attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon, who recounted an incident from pre-sanctuary city San Francisco involving an illegal immigrant. In 2007, an illegal alien caused a car accident by making an illegal left turn into oncoming traffic. Despite fleeing the scene, the individual was apprehended shortly after.

However, the San Francisco Police Department hesitated to arrest him due to his illegal status. Only after insistence from Dhillon was the individual ticketed. Unfortunately, he disappeared thereafter, leaving Dhillon to deal with a wrecked vehicle, physical injuries, and months of rehabilitation. This incident occurred before California adopted sanctuary state policies.

The current lax border control situation, attributed to the policies of Joe Biden and his supporters, has allowed such lawlessness to extend beyond localities like San Francisco to the entire country.

Multiple testimonies poured in, each narrating personal tragedies caused by illegal immigrants. These accounts ranged from fatal accidents to identity theft and hit-and-run incidents. In many cases, law enforcement’s response was inadequate, failing to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The issue of granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, advocated by some politicians, was highlighted as potentially exacerbating the problem rather than solving it. The argument against issuing licenses to individuals who are already breaking the law by residing in the country illegally was underscored.

Overall, the discourse underscored the tangible and often devastating impacts of illegal immigration on the lives of American citizens. It raised critical questions about the responsibility of policymakers in addressing these issues and the consequences of lenient immigration policies.

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