Unsealed Lawsuit Reveals Why Wendy Williams’ Guardian Opposed Lifetime Documentary Release

Unsealed Lawsuit Reportedly Reveals Why Wendy Williams’ Guardian Did Not Want Lifetime Doc Released

The lawsuit initiated by Wendy Williams’ guardian against A&E prior to the airing of ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ has now been unsealed, revealing crucial details about the legal action.

Sabrina Morrissey, acting as Wendy Williams’ guardian, lodged the lawsuit on February 22, just days before the documentary premiered. Initially kept confidential, the lawsuit targeted Lifetime and its parent company, A+E Networks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the unsealed documents shed light on Morrissey’s claims. She contends that Williams lacked the legal or mental capacity to authorize her participation in the documentary when the contract was signed. Morrissey also raises questions about the entity behind the contract, known as “The Wendy Experience.”

The lawsuit reveals that the contract was signed by the supposed CEO of The Wendy Experience, Inc. However, the signature is not definitively identifiable as belonging to Williams.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams (Credits: Page Six)

Morrissey further alleges that Williams’ former manager, Will Selby, asserted control over the documentary’s final cut and assured a positive portrayal of Williams. Despite these assurances, Morrissey claims the documentary’s trailer was released without her approval, depicting Williams inaccurately.

A temporary restraining order was initially granted, but a higher court overturned it, citing First Amendment rights and allowing the documentary to proceed.

Following the documentary’s release, it sparked widespread reactions, especially given recent revelations about Williams’ health conditions. Steve Wilkos and Lifetime producers garnered attention for their responses, while Williams’ publicist, featured in the documentary, also became viral for claiming ignorance of Williams’ struggles.

The documentary also elicited a response from Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

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