Bernie Sanders Faces Off Against Reporter Questioning His Support for 32-Hour Workweek

Don’t Play With Him! Bernie Sanders Goes Toe To Toe With Reporter Challenging His Advocacy Of 32-Hour Workweek (WATCH)

Senator Bernie Sanders engaged in a heated exchange with FOX Business correspondent Hillary Vaughn when she raised questions about his proposal for a 32-hour workweek.

The incident occurred on March 14, as Vaughn stopped Sanders in a Capitol Hill hallway to inquire about the implications for businesses if such legislation were to pass.

As Vaughn began her query, Sanders interjected abruptly, expressing apparent frustration. Despite attempts by Vaughn to continue her line of questioning, Sanders repeatedly interrupted, signaling his irritation.

Sanders eventually addressed the camera, emphasizing the need for a shorter workweek to address issues of wealth inequality and worker exhaustion. He cited statistics on income distribution and working hours, asserting that it was time for change.

Vaughn persisted in her questioning, focusing on the potential impact on businesses. Sanders responded by advocating for fair taxation, particularly targeting wealthy individuals like Jeff Bezos.

In addition to the verbal confrontation, Sanders highlighted his proposed Thirty-Two-Hour Workweek Act, which aims to reduce the standard workweek from 40 hours. He emphasized the need for technological advancements to benefit the working class and improve overall quality of life.

The incident underscored Sanders’ commitment to his proposal and his determination to address issues of economic inequality and worker well-being.

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