Senator Fetterman’s Support for Israel Sparks Political Controversy and PAC Withdrawal

John Fetterman ‘Betrayed All of Us,’ Says Democrat PAC

A pro-Democrat political action committee (PAC) has rescinded its support for Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman due to his strong endorsement of Israel’s military actions in Gaza. Fetterman’s vocal backing of Israel’s campaign against Hamas following the October 7 attack, which resulted in significant casualties and hostage situations, led to his divergence from the PAC’s stance.

Senator Fetterman remained steadfast in his support for Israel throughout the bombing campaign and ground offensive despite criticism. His unwavering stance was underscored by statements expressing solidarity with Israel’s efforts to neutralize terrorists responsible for attacks. Fetterman’s public display of support, such as waving an Israeli flag during pro-Palestinian demonstrations, further solidified his position.

The withdrawal of support from the No Dem Left Behind PAC was announced on social media, where the group expressed regret for backing Fetterman, citing a perceived betrayal. The decision was prompted by Fetterman’s alignment with Israel’s actions in Gaza, which the PAC found incompatible with its values.

Senator Fetterman
Senator Fetterman (Credits: Getty Images)

Fetterman’s stance on Israel and immigration has ignited controversy among progressives and Democrats. While he aligns with mainstream Democratic values on issues like choice, his strong support for Israel and calls for border security have drawn criticism. Some progressives argue that Fetterman’s position on Israel could have dire consequences, especially if further military actions ensue.

Critics, including former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan, have accused Fetterman of potentially having blood on his hands if Israel escalates its offensive into Gaza. Others, like Democratic pollster Adam Carlson, express discomfort with non-Jewish Democrats being fervently pro-Israel, viewing it as political fetishization rather than genuine support.

Despite facing backlash from some progressives, Fetterman’s stance on Israel has garnered praise from unexpected quarters, including Fox News presenter Brian Kilmeade. Kilmeade commended Fetterman, indicating that his position offers hope for the country, illustrating the diversity of reactions to Fetterman’s controversial stance within the political spectrum.

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