Biden’s Statement on the Passing of LGBTQ Teen Nex Benedict Spotlights Suicide Crisis

Biden issues statement on death of LGBTQ teen Nex Benedict drawing attention to suicide crisis

President Joe Biden has released a heartfelt statement regarding the tragic passing of Nex Benedict, a transgender teenager from Oklahoma whose death on February 8, ruled a suicide, has left many grieving.

Expressing deep sorrow, Biden emphasized the importance of every young person having the right to express their true selves and to feel safe and supported, both at school and within their communities. Nex, Biden noted, was a youth who simply sought acceptance and should still be alive today.

In honor of Nex’s memory, Biden urged a collective commitment to combating discrimination and addressing the alarming suicide rates among nonbinary and transgender youths. He condemned bullying as cruel and hurtful, stressing the need for parents and schools to take reports of bullying seriously.

Offering prayers for Nex’s family and friends, as well as for the wider LGBTQI+ community deeply affected by this tragedy, Biden assured them of his unwavering support. He concluded his message by reminding LGBTQ youth of the available support through the National Crisis Hotline, encouraging them to reach out for help.

Biden's Statement on the Passing of LGBTQ Teen Nex Benedict Spotlights Suicide Crisis
Biden’s Statement on the Passing of LGBTQ Teen Nex Benedict Spotlights Suicide Crisis (Credits: KTSM)

Nex, who identified as transgender and used both he and they pronouns, had been involved in a physical altercation at Owasso High School’s West Campus on February 7. Nex reported being targeted by bullies due to personal expression choices.

The subsequent day, Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, made a distress call to emergency services, concerned about Nex’s condition following the altercation. Nex was pronounced dead upon arrival at St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

The medical examiner’s office later confirmed Nex’s cause of death as suicide, citing a combination of toxic substances found in their system. The investigation by the Owasso Police Department remains ongoing, awaiting a determination from the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office regarding potential charges against other involved students.

Highlighting the heightened risk of suicide among LGBTQ youth, recent surveys underscore the urgency of addressing this issue. Research from The Trevor Project revealed alarming statistics, with a significant portion of LGBTQ youth reporting suicidal ideation, particularly in Oklahoma.

In response to previous complaints of discrimination within Owasso Public Schools, the Department of Education has initiated a federal investigation. Triggered by a complaint from the Human Rights Campaign, this investigation underscores the imperative of addressing discrimination within educational institutions.

In the wake of Nex Benedict’s tragic passing, President Biden’s message serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to create safe and inclusive environments for all young people, regardless of gender identity or expression.

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