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Syria Condemns Joint Statement Issued by US, France, UK, and Germany on March 15

Credits: DW

Through its Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, the Syrian government has strongly condemned the joint statement issued on March 15 by the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

This denouncement underscores the ongoing tensions between Syria and Western powers, shedding light on the complexities of the geopolitical landscape in the region.

In its official statement, Syria lambasted the collective actions of these four countries, accusing them of maintaining a hostile approach towards Syria for over thirteen years.

Syria Condemns Joint Statement (Credits: The Wall Street Journal)

This period has seen Syria subjected to various forms of aggression and conflict, perpetuated by what the Syrian government views as the concerted efforts of these nations to undermine its sovereignty and stability.

The condemnation specifically targets the recent joint statement, characterizing it as a continuation of the destructive policies pursued by the governments above against Syria.

Syria asserts that the statement serves as yet another example of the ongoing campaign to vilify and undermine the Syrian state on the international stage.

Syria contends that such actions are part of a broader strategy aimed at fabricating false accusations and spreading propaganda to distort the image of the Syrian government.

Central to Syria’s grievances is the allegation that these Western powers are seeking to deflect attention from their culpability in exacerbating the suffering of the Syrian people.

Syria accuses the governments of the US, UK, France, and Germany of gross violations of human rights, particularly the right to life and development, within their own countries and beyond. By highlighting these alleged violations, Syria seeks to portray itself as a victim of unjustified external aggression and interference.

House Members (Credits: AP News)

The condemnation also reflects Syria’s firm commitment to defending its sovereignty and national interests in the face of external pressure and intervention.

The Syrian government has consistently asserted its right to self-determination and non-interference in its internal affairs, rejecting attempts by foreign powers to dictate its domestic policies or shape its political landscape. The statement underscores the complexities of Syria’s relations with the international community, particularly Western powers.

Despite efforts to engage in diplomatic dialogue and cooperation, Syria continues to face scrutiny and condemnation from certain quarters of the international community, exacerbating tensions and hindering efforts toward reconciliation and peace.

Syria’s condemnation of the joint statement issued by the US, UK, France, and Germany represents a continuation of the longstanding tensions and conflicts that have defined the country’s relations with Western powers.

As Syria continues to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape, its steadfast commitment to defending its sovereignty and national interests remains unwavering in the face of external pressure and interference.

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