October Election? Jeremy Hunt’s Statement Indicates Otherwise

Jeremy Hunt (Credits: The Independent)

Mr. Hunt’s intriguing remark about a potential October general election, made during his appearance before the House of Lords economic affairs committee, was likely a calculated move rather than a mere slip of the tongue.

The committee, comprising 14 peers, is similar to the Treasury select committee in the Commons and boasts seasoned individuals, including a former chancellor and two ex-Treasury Mandarins.

Jeremy Hunt in a session (Credits: The Times)

While Norman Lamont’s tenure as chancellor during John Major’s premiership faced challenges, such as the infamous Black Wednesday, Terry Burns and Andrew Turnbull bring extensive experience as chief economic adviser and permanent secretary at the Treasury, respectively, spanning multiple administrations.

Mr. Hunt’s deliberate mention of an October election amidst Tory leadership tensions suggests a strategic move. Beyond the political drama surrounding Prime Ministerial challenges, MPs are buzzing with speculation about the election date, with constant conjecture dominating parliamentary discourse.

Following the Chancellor’s budget announcement on March 7, which left many Conservative backbenchers disheartened, he indicated to Kay Burley on Sky News that the “working assumption” was an autumn election. This aligns with the Prime Minister’s similar assertion of an election in the latter part of the year.

Jeremy Hunt during a sitting (Credits: Sky News)

The narrowing focus on October as a potential election month has sparked further analysis. Mr. Hunt’s acknowledgment that an October election would pose challenges in accommodating a spending review, coupled with expectations of a pre-election budget featuring tax cuts in September, hints at a late October date.

Considering practical constraints, such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Samoa on October 24, which would necessitate the presence of both the monarch and the Prime Minister, the likeliest options appear to be October 10 or 17. Among these, October 17 emerges as the favored choice among Westminster insiders.

It’s conceivable that Mr. Hunt has been aware of this speculation for some time. His calculated remark before the Lord’s committee may have been intended to seize attention away from other political developments, affirming his astute political acumen.

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