Educators from Various Districts Across the U.S. Convene at Seesaw’s Inaugural Leadership Council Event During ASCD Conference in March 2024

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Seesaw, the Learning Experience Platform designed for Pre-K-6 education, has introduced its newest endeavor: the Seesaw Leadership Council. Comprising 15 esteemed curriculum and instructional leaders from across the United States, this council aims to drive educational excellence.

They stand at the forefront of elementary education, equipped to tackle emerging trends, seize opportunities, and address challenges within the field.

The primary objective of the Seesaw Leadership Council is to serve as an exclusive feedback network for Seesaw. Through this platform, district leaders can offer valuable insights pertaining to proposed product features, state initiatives, and industry trends.

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This interactive forum fosters collaboration among members, enabling them to exchange ideas, share initiatives, and address real-time issues encountered within their respective school systems.

The inaugural meeting of the U.S.-based council will coincide with the 2024 ASCD Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Here, council members will provide feedback on Seesaw’s newest product tier, Seesaw Instruction & Insights.

This tier introduces administrators to innovative dashboards offering actionable insights at both the school and district level. It also includes specialized instructional tools for math and literacy instruction, along with options to curate curriculum or align Seesaw content with district requirements.

Angela Gadtke, Seesaw Community Founder, expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, highlighting the pivotal role played by administrators and school partners in shaping Seesaw’s solutions.

She emphasized the significance of formalizing the feedback process through the establishment of the Seesaw Leadership Council, underscoring her commitment to collaboration with this esteemed group.

The members of the Seesaw Leadership Council were meticulously chosen for their significant contributions to the field of education. Hailing from school districts across 14 states, including California, Texas, and Illinois, these leaders bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

As integral members of the council, they will play a crucial role in shaping future offerings tailored to meet the needs of curriculum and instructional leaders.

Devalin Jackson, an Education Policy Analyst specializing in Family Technology at the San Francisco Unified School District, shared the positive impact of their involvement in the council.

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Jackson emphasized the invaluable lessons learned from fellow districts, particularly in leveraging Seesaw to support multilingual and early literacy skills. Such collaborations have enriched their practice and contributed to the broader impact of SFUSD.

Members of the Seesaw Leadership Council are committed to a one-year term, during which they will actively participate in virtual meetings and one in-person convening.

Their feedback will inform enhancements to the Seesaw platform and drive the development of new curriculum projects. Additionally, council members will be featured in thought-leadership webinars and content hosted by Seesaw.

While the Seesaw Leadership Council is currently exclusive to U.S.-based district leaders, plans are underway to establish an international council starting in April 2024. This expansion underscores Seesaw’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving innovation on a global scale.