Abuse by Jailed Metropolitan Police Officer Against His Wife ‘Intensified’ Upon Joining the Force

Credits: The Times

A former police officer, Isaque Rodrigues-Leite, has been sentenced to two years and three months in prison for subjecting his wife to a series of violent abuses, with the severity escalating after he joined the Metropolitan Police.

The court heard harrowing details of the abuse, including incidents where Rodrigues-Leite trapped his wife in a caravan and a bedroom, struck her with a car, and brandished a knife to threaten her.

His actions instilled fear in his wife, who felt trapped and isolated, with Rodrigues-Leite reportedly telling her that no one would believe her because of his status as a police officer.

Metropolitan Police Officers (Credits: The Hill)

The abuse began in 2016, during what was described as a “toxic” period in their relationship, but worsened significantly after Rodrigues-Leite joined the police force in March 2019.

One particularly distressing incident occurred in April 2019 when he trapped his wife in a caravan during a holiday after she discovered messages suggesting infidelity.

Witnesses intervened in some instances, highlighting the severity of the situation. Despite this, the abuse persisted, leading to Rodrigues-Leite’s conviction on charges including false imprisonment, assault, criminal damage, and coercive control.

In her impact statement, the victim expressed her profound fear and trauma, stating that she now lives in constant fear, especially when police cars pass by her house.

Metropolitan Police Officers on duty (Credits: The Independent)

She emphasized the importance of speaking out to prevent similar tragedies, referencing the case of Sarah Everard, whose murder sparked widespread outrage and calls for action against gender-based violence.

Following his conviction, Rodrigues-Leite was dismissed from the police force and banned from rejoining. Detective Superintendent Christina Jessah condemned his actions, emphasizing the Met’s commitment to holding officers accountable and ensuring the safety and well-being of both colleagues and the public.

The case underscores the severe consequences of domestic abuse and the imperative for law enforcement agencies to address such misconduct within their ranks.

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