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The Royal Navy’s Biggest and Most Potent Warship Navigates Beneath the Forth Bridges

Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier and NATO Command Ship, HNLMS Rotterdam L800 – Royal Netherlands Navy Landing Platform Dock, EML Sakala M314 – Estonian minehunter, FGS Bad Bevernsen M1063 – German Navy Minehunter and HNLMS Schiedam M860 – Royal Netherlands Navy minehunter UK ships join largest Arctic exercise in 30 years Exercise Cold Response has started today off the shores of Norway Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has taken its place at the centre of one of the most powerful naval task forces in the world at the start of the largest Arctic exercises for 30 years. HMS Prince of Wales is currently serving as the NATO Command Ship for the NATO’s Maritime High Readiness Force – led by Rear Admiral Mike Utley CB OBE - Commander UK Strike Force. They have sailed north to the Arctic for Exercise Cold Response, a bi-annual exercise that is a month-long test of allied forces which will see 30,000 troops from 27 nations operate together. HMS Prince of Wales is on a planned deployment to Norway as the NATO Command Ship 2022. Rear Admiral Utley CB OBE, Commander Strike Forces, as the NATO Maritime Component Commander of the NATO Readiness Force, will use the Aircraft Carrier’s 5Th Generation Command and Control capabilities to command one of the largest Task Forces on exercise in the Arctic Circle since the 1980’s. On invitation of Norwegian Allies to take part in the exercise Cold Response 2022 and escorted by HMS Richmond, HMS Defender and USS Roosevelt and along with her RFA Tidesurge. The HMS Prince of Wales Task Group will operate in the harsh cold weather environment with allies and partners from across NATO, including the ITS Garibaldi and FX Dixmude aircraft carriers.

The majestic HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s largest and most formidable warship, embarked on a remarkable journey through the scenic Firth of Forth, passing under the iconic bridges that span the river’s expanse.

With its sheer size and power, the vessel passed under the Forth Bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, and the Forth Road Bridge, showcasing its impressive presence against the backdrop of these architectural marvels.

This historic voyage, which took place at 7 am, captured the attention of onlookers and admirers as the HMS Queen Elizabeth navigated its way through the waters with grace and precision.

Its destination? Rosyth, where it will undergo essential repairs to its starboard propeller and shaft coupling, ensuring its operational readiness for future missions.

Royal Navy’ warship (Credits: STV News)

Weighing an impressive 65,000 tonnes, the HMS Queen Elizabeth is a testament to British engineering prowess and naval supremacy. Constructed as one of the most formidable surface warships ever built in the UK, it represents the pinnacle of maritime technology and capability.

As part of the Royal Navy’s esteemed fleet of Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth boasts unparalleled capabilities. With the capacity to accommodate up to 40 aircraft and a sprawling four-acre flight deck, it is a formidable platform for air operations.

Queen Elizabeth aircraft (Credits: Navy Lookout)

One of the most remarkable features of this mighty vessel is its propulsion system. Each of its two propellers weighs a staggering 33 tonnes, propelled by a powerplant capable of generating enough energy to power 1,000 family cars.

This impressive engineering feat ensures the HMS Queen Elizabeth’s agility and maneuverability across the seas, solidifying its status as a symbol of naval strength and excellence.

As the HMS Queen Elizabeth undergoes necessary repairs in Rosyth, it remains a proud symbol of the Royal Navy’s commitment to defending the nation’s interests and safeguarding global security.

With its unparalleled capabilities and unmatched resilience, it stands ready to uphold the proud maritime traditions of the United Kingdom for generations to come.

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