Grinning Toddler in Tuxedo Steals the Show During Queen Camilla’s Visit to Belfast Bakery

(Credits: Sky News)

Queen Camilla, aged 76, shared a lighthearted moment during her visit to Knotts Bakery when she playfully remarked that a sharply dressed toddler had stolen her spotlight. The 23-month-old Fitz Corrie Salmon, clad in a charming black-and-white tuxedo, captured the Queen’s attention as he beamed with delight.

Dressed in a stylish green wool crepe dress and coat by designer Bruce Oldfield, Camilla accessorized with Queen Elizabeth’s turquoise and diamond three-leaf clover brooch. The interaction with young Fitz added a delightful touch to her visit.

Grinning Toddler in Tuxedo Footage (Credits: LBC)

Fitz is the son of William Corrie, a bakery owner, and Zoe Salmon, a former Miss Northern Ireland and television personality. Camilla engaged with the family and learned about the bakery’s traditional Ulster baking methods, appreciating its charm.

Describing Camilla as a “lovely lady,” Mr. Corrie shared that he conversed with her about their baked goods. Camilla expressed admiration for the bakery, remarking on its unique ambiance.

During her visit, Camilla indulged in some of the bakery’s delights, joking about whether she could promise to take them home to the King. She playfully mentioned that she might enjoy them on the journey instead.

Reflecting on the moment, Mr. Corrie expressed humor at the attention Fitz garnered from photographers, suggesting that the toddler stole the Queen’s spotlight momentarily. He noted that it would be a memorable story for Fitz as he ages.

Toddler in a tuxedo (Credits: BBC)

Zoe Salmon, proud of her son’s encounter with royalty at such a young age, expressed her joy at Fitz’s participation in the special day. She praised Camilla’s warmth and charm during the visit, emphasizing the positive experience.

Meanwhile, during her solo trip to Northern Ireland, Queen Camilla reassured well-wishers about King Charles’s health, mentioning that he was “doing very well” amid his ongoing battle with cancer. She conveyed his disappointment at being unable to accompany her on the trip and shared a humorous remark about keeping him in line as he recuperated.

Camilla’s visit to Northern Ireland continued despite Charles’s absence, with her gracious interactions leaving a lasting impression on those she encountered along the way.