Biden Campaign Counters Trump’s Attack Lines with their Own

Biden Counters Trump's Attack (Credits: CNN)

Four years after the COVID-19 pandemic halted America, President Joe Biden‘s campaign aims to repurpose a familiar query often posed by former President Donald Trump and his cohorts: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

Trump recently posed this question to his 6.7 million followers on Truth Social, leveraging it to draw distinctions between Biden’s and Trump’s economic and border policies.

However, the Biden-Harris campaign intends to spotlight significant events from four years ago, seeking to redirect the question back at Trump and exploit his handling of the pandemic.

On the anniversary of Trump’s pledge to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act, the Biden campaign issued a statement emphasizing the dire circumstances four years ago, with millions at risk of losing insurance despite a surging COVID-19 crisis.

Donald Trump (Credits: The Seattle Times)

“Four years ago today, Trump was trying to throw millions of Americans off their insurance while Americans were dying by the thousands of COVID-19,” remarked Sarafina Chitika, a senior spokesperson for Biden-Harris.

The campaign also unveiled a digital ad juxtaposing images from the pandemic’s early days with audio clips of Trump’s controversial remarks about disinfectant treatments and dismissals of COVID-19 concerns from reporters.

Biden himself has begun employing this strategy during speeches and fundraisers, humorously recalling Trump’s suggestion of injecting bleach as a treatment option.

Biden addresses Trump’s wild comment (Credits: CNN)

The Biden campaign’s initiative extends beyond this, seeking to reclaim language popularized by Trump and the GOP. They’ve accused Trump of “hiding in his basement,” a phrase previously used against Biden. Additionally, they’ve embraced “Brandon” as a humorous online persona, countering Republican attempts to denigrate Biden.

A senior Biden-Harris campaign official confirmed plans to revisit important events from four years ago throughout April, including reminders of rising crime rates and pandemic-related chaos under Trump’s administration.

While Trump’s spokesperson cited various issues to argue that America was better off under his presidency, the Biden campaign remains resolute, asserting that the nation’s well-being has improved since Trump departed office.