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Misinformation on Abortion Alleged by Senators Welch and Durbin

Credits: National Review

The debate over late-term abortions is a contentious issue that often draws deeply entrenched positions from both sides of the political spectrum. In a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democratic senators found themselves defending their support for legal abortion throughout pregnancy in response to Senator Ted Cruz’s inquiry.

First, Peter Welch (D., Vt.) asserted that late-term abortions are rare and typically occur in cases of medical emergencies where the life of the woman is endangered.

However, this assertion contradicts available data from state health departments and research organizations like the Guttmacher Institute, which indicate that thousands of late-term abortions occur annually in the United States.

Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), the chairman of the committee, echoed similar sentiments, citing information allegedly from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding reasons for late-term abortions.

However, no CDC document has been provided to corroborate these claims, and the CDC’s regular abortion surveillance report does not include data on reasons for late-term abortions. Durbin’s remarks seem to align more with advocacy rather than evidence-based assertions.

Larry Hogan (Credits: The Washington Post)

While some activists may cite various reasons for late-term abortions, including maternal health endangerment and fetal abnormalities, the prevalence of such cases remains unclear.

A review conducted in 2013 found that a significant portion of late-term abortions were due to factors like trouble deciding about the abortion or difficulty raising funds for the procedure.

The lack of comprehensive data on the reasons for late-term abortions underscores the complexity of the issue. Dr. Warren Hern, a specialist in late-term abortions, noted that many women seeking these procedures do not have severe fetal abnormalities or life-threatening conditions.

US Senators (Credits: The Chicago Crusader)

Durbin’s claim that only approximately 1 percent of abortions happen after 21 weeks of gestation is statistically correct. However, despite being a small percentage, this still means there are more than 10,000 late-term abortions each year. This sizable number deserves thoughtful attention and consideration.

The statements made by Democratic senators during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing highlight the ongoing debate surrounding late-term abortions.

While assertions about the rarity of such procedures and their reasons may reflect specific perspectives, the lack of comprehensive data underscores the need for further research and informed discourse on this complex issue.

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