New Yorkers Send Well Wishes to Kate Middleton Following Cancer Diagnosis, Hoping for Privacy

Credits: New York Post

In New York City, there’s a lot of support for Princess Kate because she recently shared that she has cancer. This news has made many people feel concerned and empathetic, especially considering the tragic past of Princess Diana.

Shirley Carley, a 60-year-old Queens resident, was shocked and saddened to hear about Kate’s condition. Shirley expressed her feelings during a visit to Tea and Sympathy, a cozy tea house in the city that offers a taste of England.

Nicky Perry, originally from England, runs the tea house. Nicky has a personal connection to cancer, as her husband passed away from the disease last year.

New Yorkers (Credits: The Australian)

Nicky described the moment you find out about a cancer diagnosis as extremely shocking, likening it to being lost in a difficult situation with no apparent way out.

She’s particularly concerned for Prince William, Kate’s husband, noting that he now faces the challenge of supporting his wife while caring for their three young children and dealing with his father’s cancer battle. Nicky’s biggest hope is for Kate’s recovery.

Julieta Petterson, an 85-year-old visitor from Mexico, also shared her feelings upon hearing the news. She felt deep sorrow for Kate and stressed the importance of privacy for her and her family during this time.

Kate Middleton (Credits: Glamour UK)

Julieta believes that Kate’s health matters should remain personal, and she wishes for the family to find peace away from the media’s constant attention.

The people of New York City are rallying around Princess Kate with well wishes and hope. They’re expressing a collective desire for her speedy recovery and for her family to have the space and privacy needed to navigate this challenging period.

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