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Trump’s Trial Delays: A Closer Look at the Situation

It’s Good That Trump’s Trials Are Delayed

In August of last year, TNR’s Matt Ford peered into the future, foreseeing a scenario where former President Donald Trump would be embroiled in Republican primary battles while simultaneously grappling with a slew of legal troubles. He remarked that it was bound to be an odd journey.

True to his prediction, the unfolding events have indeed been bizarre. Trump finds himself facing approximately $500 million in legal fines, raising the age-old question: “Does Donald Trump have $500 million?”

The weight of this financial burden, coupled with his evident struggles to secure a bond, has placed him squarely in the midst of a pay-up-or-shut-up ultimatum, a deadline that could potentially unsettle him. While Trump may not mind being perceived as corrupt, the notion of being seen as financially destitute is deeply unsettling to him.

Despite the considerable consternation among liberals, Trump remains in a formidable position both politically and legally. While he faces substantial financial obligations to E. Jean Carroll and the state of New York, he has encountered favorable outcomes in other legal arenas, notably through procedural delays that could postpone his criminal trials well past Election Day.


Trump (Credits: CBS News)

For those who had pinned their hopes on Trump facing legal repercussions that might benefit President Joe Biden in the polls, each delay has been perceived as a setback to Democrats’ aspirations. However, amidst the disappointment lies a silver lining: Democrats are realizing the futility of waiting for external saviors.

The Trump era exposed a certain shortsightedness among Democratic leaders, who initially viewed Trump’s election as an anomaly—a foreign element that would swiftly be neutralized by the immune system of democracy. Consequently, they placed undue faith in mechanisms such as the Mueller investigation and impeachment proceedings without fully grasping the complexities involved.

Now, many are pinning their hopes on a new figure, Jack Smith, a gritty counterpart to Robert Mueller who is expected to deliver justice. However, with the Supreme Court’s decision to defer Trump’s presidential immunity case until April, the timeline for Smith to address other legal matters, including the January 6 insurrection case, remains uncertain.


Trump (Credits: The Hill)

Rather than succumbing to despair over the delay in legal proceedings, Democrats should view this as an opportunity to recalibrate their approach. They must shed the unrealistic expectation that the judicial system alone will deliver them from Trump’s influence and instead focus on mounting a robust and agile campaign. It is imperative to recognize that Trump’s potential acquittal was always a plausible outcome, necessitating a proactive strategy.

Democrats need not rely solely on judicial verdicts to capitalize on Trump’s legal troubles. The issues for which Trump stands trial remain relevant, providing ample ammunition for Democrats to exploit. In the absence of courtroom dramas dominating headlines, they have the freedom to disseminate damaging information related to Trump’s trials and other scandals through various media channels.

As Brian Beutler suggests, Democrats must explore innovative methods to spotlight Trump’s corruption, even if legal proceedings are delayed. This necessitates a departure from traditional reliance on paid advertising and a willingness to engage in more assertive forms of political communication. They must seize the narrative void left by the postponed trials and remind voters of Trump’s myriad transgressions, emphasizing his relentless evasion of accountability.

Democrats must underscore the fundamental contrast between Biden’s candidacy, rooted in a commitment to governance, and Trump’s bid for the presidency, driven by a desire to evade legal consequences. This distinction serves as a potent rallying cry: Joe Biden seeks office to lead; Donald Trump seeks refuge to evade justice.

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