British Troll Exploiting Kate Claims Exposed

Credits: HELLO! Magazine

The Mail on Sunday found out who was making up bad stories about Kate, the Princess. It’s a guy named Paul Condron. He used TikTok, a social media app, to lie about her. Many people saw his lies, especially after a famous gossip blogger shared them.

Even though his lies hurt Kate, TikTok let Condron make money by selling stuff and getting people to pay to see his videos. He didn’t seem to care much when they asked him about it.

Cancer Announcement by Kate (Credits: NBC News)

His girlfriend doesn’t watch his videos, and his neighbor doesn’t know he is doing it. Condron also talks about other weird stuff on TikTok, like seeing aliens.

A person from a group that fights online hate said Condron and people like him are making money by lying. They think social media apps should do more to stop it.

Kate and Meghan (Credits: OK! Magazine)

TikTok took down one of Condron’s videos when they found out it was about Kate. They say they don’t allow lies that can hurt people. A politician said we should leave Kate alone and give her space.

He thinks she’s been very good, even when things are tough. This shows that social media apps must be careful about what people post and stop spreading lies that can hurt others.