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Forensic Psychiatrist Identifies Physical Indicators of Trump’s Cognitive Decline: Alterations in Movement and Gait

Forensic psychiatrist on physical signs of Trump’s mental decline: “Changes in movement and gait”

Donald Trump’s evident challenges with speech, language, and cognitive function continue to exacerbate, as highlighted during a recent rally in Ohio where he exhibited a disjointed manner of speech, veering off-topic, and making puzzling statements such as claiming Joe Biden defeated Barack Obama in swing states.

This pattern of behavior is not an isolated incident but rather indicative of broader issues affecting Trump’s ability to communicate and process information, suggesting a potential underlying neurological condition.

Psychiatrist Dr. John Gartner, known for his contributions to the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” has repeatedly raised concerns about Trump’s cognitive and communicative difficulties. Despite these warnings, there has been a lack of acknowledgment from many in the media and political spheres, with attention often diverted to trivialities like Biden’s occasional verbal slip-ups.

However, Gartner asserts that Trump’s behavior is indicative of a more serious issue, suggesting a stark contrast between the cognitive decline observed in Biden and the concerning symptoms displayed by Trump.


Trump (Credits: NBC News)

Gartner’s concerns are echoed by hundreds of medical professionals who have signed a petition diagnosing Trump with probable dementia. The implications of Trump’s deteriorating mental faculties extend beyond national borders, raising the alarming prospect of a man with diminishing cognitive abilities wielding the immense power of the presidency, including control over nuclear weapons.

Despite these glaring signs, mainstream media outlets have largely overlooked Trump’s cognitive decline, opting instead for a focus on superficial aspects of political discourse. However, there are exceptions, such as Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, who has addressed Trump’s physical and cognitive changes.

To gain further insight into Trump’s behavior, Dr. Elizabeth Zoffman, a forensic psychiatrist, suggests that Trump’s symptoms align with Behavioral Variant Fronto-Temporal Dementia (FTD). This diagnosis is based on observed changes in Trump’s speech patterns, cognitive focus, pronunciation difficulties, tangential thinking, repetition of words, and social behavior.

Zoffman emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive evaluation by neurologists specializing in FTD to confirm the diagnosis.


Trump (Credits: Rolling Stone)

While some may question the danger posed by individuals with FTD, Zoffman clarifies that it does not inherently make someone dangerous. However, the associated disinhibition may exacerbate existing personality traits, potentially leading to socially inappropriate behavior and harmful rhetoric, as seen in Trump’s dehumanizing statements toward marginalized groups.

Zoffman dispels misconceptions about dementia, emphasizing that it encompasses various neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s Disease and FTD. She stresses the need to consider all available observations collectively to form a comprehensive understanding of Trump’s condition.

Addressing skepticism surrounding her decision to speak out, Zoffman acknowledges societal biases against female experts but emphasizes the importance of contributing to an objective evaluation of Trump’s health alongside other professionals.

In contrast to Trump, President Biden’s cognitive abilities appear intact, as evidenced by his recent State of the Union Address. Despite occasional pauses due to his lifelong struggle with stuttering, Biden’s speech was coherent, articulate, and devoid of tangential digressions or disinhibited behavior.

Regarding Trump’s prognosis, Zoffman warns that FTD is a progressive disorder leading to deterioration and early death. Therefore, a thorough assessment by experts specializing in neurodegenerative disorders is imperative to determine the extent of Trump’s condition and its potential implications.

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