MSPs Seek Clarification from Creative Scotland Regarding Grant Awarded to Controversial Project

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The public arts organization has taken back its financial support for the Rein project, which aimed to involve actors in real, explicit sex scenes. They plan to ask for the money they already provided to be returned.

However, the Scottish Parliament‘s Culture Committee wants more information about how this decision was made. They wrote a letter to Iain Munro, the head of the public arts organization, saying that the public has a right to know. They want the organization to share the original funding application with the public.

In January, the project got £84,555 from the National Lottery Open Fund. However, Creative Scotland, the arts organization, says the project didn’t tell them about the explicit scenes when they applied for the money. They think this breaks the funding rules.

Scottish Parliament (Credits: The Telegraph)

Clare Adamson, who leads the committee, said they’re concerned about how public money is used. Even though they can’t decide on individual funding, they believe it’s important for the public to know about these decisions.

They want to know how much money has been given to the project and how the organization plans to get it back. They also want to learn more about how funding decisions are made. They might ask Mr. Munro to explain these things in the future.

The committee also thinks it’s important to make the original funding application public. This would help people understand what the project was really about.

MSPs voting in Scottish Parliament (Credits: BBC)

Creative Scotland had said they couldn’t share the entire application because of business rules. However, they removed the funding because the project changed considerably from what they originally agreed to.

The fund’s contract states that projects cannot be changed without permission. The arts organization has been asked for more details about this situation.