Kim Mulkey’s PR Mistake: The Washington Post Report Looms

Kim Mulkey’s Trumpian attack on the press was a huge mistake

Kim Mulkey, the highly accomplished coach of the LSU women’s basketball team, is widely regarded for her strategic prowess on the court. However, her recent handling of public relations matters has left much to be desired.

With an impressive record that includes four national championship victories while coaching at Baylor and Louisiana State, Mulkey’s career has been shadowed by instances of controversial behavior. Notably, she faced criticism for urging Baylor supporters to respond violently to concerns raised about sending students to the university amid a sexual assault scandal involving its football program.

Although she later issued an apology for her remarks, her actions sparked widespread condemnation. WNBA star Brittney Griner, who played under Mulkey’s tutelage at Baylor, revealed that a culture of silence regarding players’ sexuality compelled her to conceal her own identity. Furthermore, Mulkey faced scrutiny for her silence during Griner’s ordeal in a Russian penal colony, which lasted several months.

Kim Mulkey
Kim Mulkey (Credits: KOMU)

This history came under renewed scrutiny when Mulkey attempted to preemptively address an upcoming article about her by The Washington Post. Despite her efforts to mitigate the impact of the report, her response only served to amplify interest in the matter, reminiscent of a Trumpian tactic with her pledge to pursue legal action.

Mulkey’s apparent misunderstanding of journalistic practices became evident as she criticized the very reporter who, by her own admission, had sought to interview her over a two-year period. She lamented the alleged lack of opportunity to respond to inquiries, overlooking the standard journalistic practice of offering anonymity to sources, especially former players, who wish to share critical perspectives.

Moreover, Mulkey’s assertion that the newspaper would overlook decades of positive narratives about her seems dubious, given the typical journalistic balance in reporting. Yet, her preemptive condemnation of the article suggests its potential significance.

Kim Mulkey
Kim Mulkey (Credits: USA Today)

Her readiness to pursue legal action against The Washington Post also raises eyebrows, prompting a cautionary reminder that allegations must be demonstrably false to warrant such recourse.

Mulkey’s recent actions, particularly her preemptive response and inclination toward legal threats, have only fueled anticipation for the forthcoming article. Rather than projecting strength and loyalty to her team and institution, her approach appeared self-serving, indicative of apprehension about potential revelations.

As the public awaits the publication of The Washington Post’s report, curiosity abounds regarding its contents, underscoring the significance of Mulkey’s missteps in managing public perception.