Minister Commends Officers for Essential Role in Community Safety During Patrol with South Wales Police

Minister for Social-Justice Jane (Credits: South Wales Chronicle)

This week, the Minister wanted to learn more about the challenges faced by the response unit as they handle live incidents while on duty. Even though Wales doesn’t control policing, the Minister for Social Justice is responsible for community safety. The Welsh Government and Policing in Wales have a history of working together to keep Wales safe and support communities.

The government has pledged to invest in Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) across Wales. These officers are a crucial link between neighborhoods and the police.

The Welsh Government plans to fund 500 PCSOs and increase their number by 100 during this term in office. This shows how much the Welsh Government values community, equality, and social justice.

South Wales Police (Credits: South Wales Chronicle)

PCSOs work closely with police officers but don’t have all the same powers. They focus on problem-solving to find lasting solutions to issues and build strong community relationships. They also provide support and advice to the public on various safety matters.

PCSOs help prevent speeding near schools, report vandalism, and reduce antisocial behavior. Minister for Social Justice Jane Hutt expressed gratitude to the officers at Barry Police Station for sharing their experiences and for their important work in keeping everyone safe.

South Wales Police patrol (Credits: South Wales Chronicle)

Policing is crucial to communities, and both police officers and PCSOs play a vital role in ensuring people feel protected throughout Wales. Spending time with them on patrol has helped the Minister understand the different incidents they handle and how they relate to areas like health and social care, for which the Welsh Government is responsible. The goal is to ensure that communities in Wales are resilient and secure and have the necessary resources to reduce crime.