Sea Electronic Warfare Decoy Launchers For The UK Royal Navy

Royal Navy ship (Credits: Defense Equipment & Support)

The British defense contractor Systems Engineering and Assessment (SEA), a branch of the Cohort group, has secured a significant contract worth £135 million ($170.7 million) with the UK Ministry of Defence.

This new deal entrusts SEA with equipping Royal Navy ships with its innovative Ancilia trainable decoy launcher system. Ancilla is engineered to safeguard naval vessels from advanced missile threats, including ballistic and hypersonic missiles, by presenting a misleading radar signature to divert the missiles from the ship.

This project will involve providing and supporting the Ancilia systems and incorporating technology and components from Chess Dynamics, another company within the Cohort family.

Royal Navy ships to be better protected (Credits: Defense Equipment & Support)

In a related development, Chess Dynamics has also been awarded a contract to provide the Royal Australian Navy with its Sea Eagle passive surveillance systems for its Hunter-class frigates.

The Ancilia system stands out for its ability to offer fast and effective defense against contemporary anti-ship threats, leveraging sophisticated systems and tactics. It is set to be installed on a wide array of the Royal Navy’s surface ships, reflecting SEA’s extensive experience and expertise in naval countermeasure systems.

This design advantage stems from SEA’s thorough understanding and background in developing systems currently used by the Royal Navy. Previously, in 2022, SEA was chosen to upgrade the torpedo launcher and countermeasures systems for the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates.

This means SEA’s countermeasure technologies are now deployed on Type 23 frigates, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships, the Albion-class landing platform docks, and Type 45 destroyers, underscoring the company’s pivotal role in enhancing the defensive capabilities of the UK’s naval fleet.

UK’s naval fleet (Credits: Breaking Defense)

This collaboration highlights a strategic push to bolster the safety and operational efficiency of the Royal Navy’s ships against the backdrop of evolving maritime threats.

By integrating SEA’s advanced decoy launcher systems, the Royal Navy aims to maintain a technological edge in naval defense, ensuring the protection of its vessels in hostile environments.

The contract signifies SEA’s leading position in defense technology solutions and represents a critical step forward in the ongoing efforts to secure the UK’s maritime interests.