Campaigner Claims Tories ‘Destroyed’ UK Farming With ‘World’s Worst Trade Deals’

UK Farmers (Credits: Yahoo News Singapore)

Farmers are protesting what they see as devastating post-Brexit trade deals, with a farming advocate branding these agreements as the worst for the industry.

In a vivid display of protest, over 120 tractors rolled past the Houses of Parliament, symbolizing the agricultural community’s frustration with what they perceive as inadequate government support.

This protest, orchestrated by groups Save British Farming and Fairness for Farmers in Kent, underscores a growing concern that UK policies endanger food security.

120 tractors rolled past the Houses of Parliament (Credits: MyLondon)

Liz Webster, the founder of Save British Farming, told BBC News that British farmers feel overlooked and underappreciated. According to Webster, the influx of imports that don’t meet UK standards is threatening the livelihood of local farmers by putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

Webster’s comments reflect a deep distrust of government assurances, likening their promises about farming to the misleading statements made during the Partygate scandal. During this scandal, officials, including Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, were fined for violating lockdown rules.

Liz Webster, the founder of Save British Farming (Credits: Swindon Advertiser)

Pointing to the gravity of the situation, Webster cited George Eustice, former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, who was criticizing the Australian trade deal. Eustice had remarked that the agreement was unfavorable, suggesting the UK conceded too much for too little in return.

The farming community’s discontent signals a broader call to action against the government’s handling of trade agreements and agricultural policy. This protest marks just the beginning of what appears to be a determined campaign for change, showcasing farmers’ deep commitment and passion to their profession and the feeding of the nation.