Written Statement: Legal Challenge Against The UK Internal Market Act 2020

The United Kingdom Internal Market Act (Credits: Institute for Government)

I’ve promised to keep the Senedd members in the loop about what the Welsh Government is doing to fight against the United Kingdom Internal Market Act of 2020.

Just last week, the Supreme Court decided not to let us move forward with our challenge against the Court of Appeal’s decision that it was too soon for us to ask for a judicial review of the Act.

We’re unhappy about this decision, but it’s important to note that the Court’s ruling is more about procedure than the heart of our argument. They haven’t dismissed our main points, meaning there’s still a chance for these issues to be examined more closely in the future.

UK Internal Market Bill (Credits: UK Parliament Committees)

The Welsh Government stands firm in its opposition to the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020. We see it as an unnecessary attack on the powers of devolution and the Senedd’s ability to pass laws in areas under Wales’s control.

We’re now looking into the best ways to keep fighting against this Act to ensure the Senedd can continue to make laws for the people of Wales without outside interference.

I’ll keep everyone updated on our progress. I’m sharing this update now, during the break, so all members are kept in the loop. If anyone wants me to review this again or answer questions once the Senedd is back in session, I’m more than willing.