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British Parliamentarians Participate in Nowruz Celebration With Iran’s Resistance at UK Parliament

Nowruz Celebration in UK Parliament (Credits: Alliance for Public Awareness)

A diverse gathering of UK Parliament representatives from various political parties, along with members and supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), convened at the House of Commons Central Hall for a significant Nowruz celebration.

During the event, key messages were delivered, including endorsements of the NCRI’s Ten-Point Plan and calls for the blacklisting and complete sanctioning of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). NCRI President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi thanked UK parliamentarians for supporting the ideals of the Iranian people and human rights.

Despite internal oppression, Mrs. Rajavi voiced optimism about Iran’s future freedom, citing the recent nationwide boycott of sham elections as a symbol of the people’s determination to overthrow the theocratic regime, reminiscent of their past struggle against the Shah’s tyranny.

David Jones, Senior Parliamentarian (Credits:

Mrs. Rajavi highlighted the rise of anti-regime activities within Iran, mainly led by the Resistance Units and young women. She also emphasized the Iranian regime’s destabilizing role in the Middle East, posing a threat to regional and global peace.

Urging a departure from failed policies, Mrs. Rajavi called for Western governments to adopt a new strategy supporting the Iranian people and the Resistance. She stressed the need for global assistance in facilitating change in Iran.

David Jones, Senior Parliamentarian and co-chair of the Parliamentary Committee for Free Iran, urged the UK to lead international efforts to recognize the Iranian regime as a primary threat to global peace under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. He called for designating the regime as such and activating the snapback mechanism under UN Resolution 2231.

Bob Blackman, co-chair of the International Committee of Parliamentarians for a Free Iran, praised the recent uprising in Iran as a sign of hope for regime change. He emphasized international solidarity in supporting the Iranian people’s quest for a democratic future.

Lord Singh of Wimbledon conveyed his support for Mrs. Rajavi and the Iranian people’s movement for freedom, emphasizing the need to support those fighting against injustice. He praised Mrs. Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan as a blueprint for justice and democracy.

MP Teresa Villiers admired the recent uprising in Iran, particularly by women refusing to tolerate oppression. She commended the British Committee for Iran Freedom and expressed hope for a democratic Iran based on the separation of religion and state.

Lord Dholakia highlighted the pivotal role of women in Iran’s uprising and expressed unwavering support for the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. He expressed his desire to witness Iran achieve genuine democracy.

Lord David Alton welcomed the UN Fact-Finding Committee’s report and urged the UK government to support the prosecution of those responsible for crimes in Iran. He emphasized the ongoing Iranian people’s uprising for a free and democratic republic.

Dr. Matthew Offord discussed the regime’s warmongering policies in the region and the Resistance’s role in exposing them. He called for Western support for the Iranian people and the NCRI’s Ten-Point Plan.

Nowruz Event in the UK (Credits: LinkedIn)

Baroness O’Loan described Iran’s universities as centers for democratic change and expressed solidarity with the Iranian people’s struggle. She endorsed Mrs. Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan and advocated for the IRGC’s prescription.

Jim Shannon MP emphasized the importance of human rights and religious freedom in a democratic society. He condemned Iran’s rigged electoral processes and praised Iranian women’s leadership in the fight for justice.

Martyn Day MP expressed unwavering support for the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. He called for decisive action from governments, including the prescription of the IRGC.

Baron Whitty praised the Iranian people’s courage and resilience in fighting for freedom. He emphasized international support for the Iranian Resistance. Steve McCabe MP expressed support for the Iranian people’s resistance against the regime’s warmongering in the region. He called for solidarity in opposing the regime’s oppression.

Malcolm Fowler highlighted the efforts of human rights lawyers in supporting the Iranian Resistance and affirmed his commitment to continuing to advocate for human rights in Iran.

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