‘Amsterdam’s Warning to Brits to Stay Away Has Backfired – Now Even More Stag Dos Are Going’

Amsterdam telling Brits to stay away backfired (Credits: Daily Star)

Recently, Amsterdam warned British guys to steer clear, but their plan has backfired. Instead, one company arranging stag dos says that since the campaign, demand for trips to the city has shot up.

A spokesperson for The Stag Company told the Daily Star that every time Amsterdam officials launch a new campaign aimed at British men, they flock to the city even more, with visits to their website skyrocketing by 1200%.

The city recently introduced several new rules, including a “stay away” campaign targeting British men aged 18 to 35 last year, urging them to avoid the city.

However, this led to backlash from Brits and s*ex workers alike. Additionally, the city has imposed restrictions on drinking in public, alcohol sales, and noise to crack down on rowdy tourists.

Amsterdam (Credits: Chillisauce)

Tom Bourlet, a spokesperson for The Stag Company, noted that the efforts to deter British stag groups from visiting Amsterdam had the opposite effect, boosting their sales to record figures. After announcing a new quiz, he observed a large increase in stag-do quote requests.

This month, officials launched an online quiz to dissuade party-seekers from visiting the city. Marketed to dispel misconceptions, it only targeted British tourists searching for terms like ‘Amsterdam stag party.’ However, some tourism workers have criticized this tactic.

Amsterdam stag party (Credits: Daily Express)

Matt Mavir, managing director at Last Night of Freedom, expressed that the campaign was “embarrassing” and restricted tourists’ freedom to make their own choices. He also found the quiz to be heavy-handed and unfair.

Despite last year’s campaign, Amsterdam remained popular for stag dos. Tom claims it became their number one destination for British men booking stag dos abroad. He hopes the recent quiz to deter Brits will have the same effect.