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Written Statement: Update on the Implementation of Law Commission Proposals

Law Commission (Credits:

Today, I have the pleasure of presenting the annual report for the eighth consecutive year to the Senedd, detailing the Welsh Government’s efforts in implementing the Law Commission’s recommendations.

A mandate established by 1965 legislation and later reinforced by the Wales Act of 2014 obliges Welsh Ministers to disclose their actions in adopting the Law Commission’s suggestions concerning Welsh matters annually.

This report spans from February 15, 2022, to February 14, 2023, offering insights into various sectors influenced by the Law Commission’s recommendations and outlining the ongoing and upcoming projects within this framework.

Over the last year, the Welsh Government has made significant strides in addressing the Law Commission’s recommendations. Among these advancements is enacting legislation to protect wildlife, encapsulated in the Agriculture (Wales) Bill.

Legal (Credits: Das Legal)

Concurrently, efforts are being made to pass the Planning Consolidation Bill, a pivotal legislation for the planning sector, alongside a bill focused on enhancing the safety of coal tips in Wales. Progress is also evident in the areas concerning taxi services, property rights, and the operations of Welsh courts.

This narrative underscores the Welsh Government’s commitment to leveraging the Law Commission’s insights as a cornerstone for legislative reforms. Our dedication lies in refining and enhancing the legal framework better to serve the interests of all individuals in Wales.

We are steering towards a more inclusive, safe, and environmentally responsible Wales by meticulously adhering to the Law Commission’s recommendations. The initiatives highlighted in this report, from environmental conservation to urban planning and public safety, reflect our holistic approach to governance.

International Law Commission (Credits: Legal Sightseeing)

By addressing these recommendations, we aim to resolve current challenges and anticipate and mitigate future issues, thereby ensuring a resilient and forward-looking legal system.

The endeavors detailed in this report testify to the symbiotic relationship between the Welsh Government and the Law Commission. Through this partnership, we aspire to foster a legal environment conducive to growth, innovation, and the well-being of the Welsh community. Our ongoing projects and those on the horizon are geared toward creating a sustainable and equitable society through legislative excellence.

As we present this report, we are proud of our accomplishments and renewed commitment to continuous improvement. Translating the Law Commission’s recommendations into actionable policies and laws is a complex yet rewarding journey.

We undertake this journey with the confidence that our collective efforts will yield a legal landscape in Wales that is responsive to its citizens’ needs and a model of good governance and innovation.

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