Nicole Wallace: Ronna McDaniel’s Election Integrity Questions Must Not Taint NBC’s “Sacred Airwaves”

NBC's Ronna McDaniel (Credits: Fox News)

We’re discussing this story as part of our ongoing series on American autocracy, exploring whether it could happen here. Let’s reflect on a passage from Timothy Snyder’s “On Tyranny.”

Snyder’s words from the first page resonate: “Most of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In such times, individuals anticipate what a more repressive government will demand and then willingly offer themselves without prompt. A citizen who adapts this way is instructing power on its capabilities.”

Nicolle Wallace – Former Bush representative (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

In this instance, NBC News’s actions, whether intentional or inadvertent, might be educating election deniers about the breadth of their influence.

It extends beyond mere appearances on our platform to disseminate falsehoods about the sanctity and integrity of our electoral process, as exemplified by McDaniels’ recent statements on “Meet The Press.”

Meet the Press – Kristen Welker

However, the message sent to election deniers goes beyond their potential to air their views on our program. It suggests they can do so as integral parts of our team, as badge-carrying employees of NBC News and paid contributors to our esteemed platform.

NBC News is a powerful force that shapes public opinion and discourse. By providing a platform for individuals like McDaniels to propagate false narratives about our democratic institutions, the network may inadvertently lend legitimacy to their agendas.