Air Force Discreetly Relieves UK Air Mobility Squadron Commander of Duties

Air Commodore Lyle (Credits: Royal Air Force)

Air Force leaders recently decided to remove Maj. Ligel Brown, the commander of the 727th Air Mobility Squadron, stationed at RAF Mildenhall Air Base in the United Kingdom, from his position. This action took place on January 25, yet it was not accompanied by a formal announcement or media coverage.

The circumstances surrounding Brown’s dismissal came to light after a post on social media prompted inquiries, which led to officials providing some insights into the situation.

Staff Sgt. Joshua Crossman, spokesperson for the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing, Brown’s parent unit, said her removal was rooted in a “loss of confidence in her ability to lead.” It is common practice within the military not to divulge detailed reasons for such leadership changes.

727th AMS (Credits: RAF Mildenhall)

References to the federal Privacy Act, which safeguards military records, or generalized explanations citing a “loss of trust and confidence” are typically given without specifying any alleged misconduct.

Crossman further clarified that Brown no longer serves with the 727th Air Mobility Squadron and emphasized that “there are no pending or ongoing investigations related to Maj. Brown’s time in command.”

Following Brown’s removal, Maj. Scott Conrad, who previously held the position of director of operations for the squadron, was appointed the new commander.

Attempts to contact Brown for comment were unsuccessful. Her tenure as commander began in July 2023, following her role as an Air Command and Staff College student and as the chief of global force management for U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa.

US Army (Credits:

Brown has been a member of the Air Force since 2004, starting her career with basic military training and serving as an F-15/F-16 aircraft maintenance analyst before commissioning as a logistics readiness officer in 2010. Brown’s dismissal is part of a series of recent leadership adjustments within the Air Force.

Just days before the news about Brown, Col. Danzel Albertsen, the commander of the 49th Maintenance Group at Holloman Air Force Base, was also relieved of his leadership duties. Leadership changes occurred at Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina, where two commanders and a senior enlisted leader from a medical group were reassigned.

These instances reflect ongoing shifts in Air Force leadership, underscoring the service’s commitment to maintaining high standards of conduct and leadership across its ranks.