At UN Human Rights Council 55, UK Delivers Statement on Human Rights Conditions in Central African Republic

High-Level Dialogue on the human right (Credits:

Thank you, Mr. Vice-President,

The United Kingdom is pleased to participate in this High-Level Dialogue focusing on the Central African Republic. We extend our gratitude to the panelists for their insightful contributions.

We recognize the efforts made by the authorities in the Central African Republic to broaden the reach of state authority and mitigate persistent insecurity in underserved regions.

Nonetheless, the engagement with Russian proxies, known for their atrocities against civilians and the exploitation of resources, poses a risk to these advancements. The CAR authorities must implement stringent actions to ensure accountability for all human rights abuses.

A political resolution that safeguards the rights of all citizens is the path to lasting peace in the Central African Republic. We urge the CAR to renew its commitment to the Political Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation and uphold its promise to conduct local elections in 2024.

UN Human Rights Council (Credits: Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect)

These steps are important for decentralizing governance and applying CAR’s human rights and justice policies. The UK remains deeply troubled by ongoing human rights violations, particularly those affecting women and children, including conflict-related sexual violence.

We support the Independent Expert’s emphasis on prioritizing women’s empowerment. Full participation of all segments of society is essential to foster an inclusive and democratic peace process.

To the panelists,

In the face of persistent insecurity, what actions can the international community take to enhance its support for empowering marginalized groups within the Central African Republic and to safeguard the rights of women and children more effectively?

Thank you.

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