UK Seeks Electro-Magnetic Counter-Drone Technology for Its Troops

Drone Technology (Credits: Breaking Defense)

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has issued a call for bids for the development and supply of Counter-Uncrewed Air Systems (C-uAS), emphasizing the need for “Electro-Magnetic DETECT and/or DEFEAT (EMDaD) capabilities and associated equipment.”

This procurement initiative, spearheaded by the Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) Team, aims to bolster the defensive measures of ground combat troops against drone threats by integrating cutting-edge military electronics.

As outlined in a tender notice dated 27 March 2024, the MOD wants to establish a seven-year Framework Agreement worth up to £38.75 million before tax.

This agreement anticipates the involvement of various products from various suppliers, demonstrating the MOD’s comprehensive approach to upgrading its capabilities.

Drone swarms in the UK (Credits: Reddit)

The project’s expected execution timeline is set from 31 July 2024 to 31 July 2031, with a cutoff for bid submissions by 17:00 on 15 May 2024. According to the tender details, the selection process will forego an e-auction, and the background of potential suppliers may impact their qualification for the contract.

Once the Framework Agreement is in place, the MOD aims to gather technical information on the proposed solutions, which will then undergo detailed trials and assessments directly by the MOD or through an appointed external entity.

The MOD plans to assign a separate service contract to a UK-based supplier responsible for conducting trials and assessments of all procured equipment under the framework.

Drone and counter-drone technology (Credits: Defence IQ)

This approach is designed to centralize and streamline the evaluation phase to gauge the performance of the defense technologies effectively. The tender notice also reassures that the cybersecurity risks linked with this project are considered very low, setting clear expectations for potential suppliers regarding security standards.

Suppliers interested in this procurement exercise are encouraged to express their interest and access comprehensive details through the MOD’s e-Tendering system.

This move reflects the MOD’s dedication to maintaining an open and fair procurement process, inviting various technological solutions to enhance the defense against drone threats.

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